How to Install WordPress Website in Hostgator 

Starting your digital journey with WordPress is very easy. The first important step is to install WordPress in your hosting account. Many shared WordPress hosting helps you install WordPress very quickly, and you don’t need any manual root access to your WordPress blog. Here we will discuss how to install WordPress in Hostgator hosting. Hostgator is available with three different hosting packages, so it is good to take the Hostgator Baby pack. It costs around $7 per month. It offers an unlimited hosting pack. 

How to Install WordPress Website on Hostgator

Using Mojo Merletplace’s quick install is the fastest and easiest way to install WordPress on your hosting. Using this, your WordPress will be installed in a few moments and you will be able to run it too. There are many such ways in Hostgator, with the help of which you can install WordPress on the server.

  • manual
  • Quick install

The quick install process itself will be discussed in the WordPress installation guide. With its help, your WordPress is ready within 5 minutes and you have your WordPress website.

  • First of all log in to your Hostgator web panel and click on ‘QuickInstall’ option given there. ,
  • Hostgator itself is the service data of WordPress installation which costs a lot of money. With this money, this service only installs your WordPress and gives a simple theme. you not to choose it.
  • After selecting ‘QuickInstall’ option a new page opens. Select the domain in which you want to install your WordPress from the domains given at the bottom of this page.
  • Here you have two options. You can install your WordPress by selecting the root directory or subdirectory. The dummy URLs of both are given below.
  • Root Directory :
  • Sub Directory :
  • After that click on the option of Next and complete the rest of the settings.
  • Take care that your username should not remain ‘admin’ as this makes hacking very easy. Instead, it is better to give your email id.
  • After this, once again check all your settings because once you go wrong, you have to give time again.
  • Quick Install sets up your WordPress blog, so it will try to sell you a variety of themes during this time. It is better not to choose it.
  • After this, within a few moments, your WordPress will be installed and you will get an email with your dashboard link, username, and password.
  • You can easily operate your WordPress dashboard in Hostgator. For this, you have to go to ‘’. Be sure to replace with your actual domain name.
  • After this, on your WordPress site, prepare your desired WordPress by putting themes, plugins, etc. as per your wish.

WordPress is a very good blogging platform, where 22 percent of the world’s websites are running. Apart from quick install, WordPress can also be installed in Hostgator with the help of c-panel, Fantastico De Luxe.

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